Dinny Keg

New CD now available


Well into his 4th decade of fronting one band or another, Dinny still finds himself addicted to the soul-satisfying sound of music and song. This has led him to his first solo project.

In June 2013, Dinny and a hand-picked line-up of session cats settled into Due South Studios (SoHo, NYC) with a notebook full of song ideas. Over the course of a few days, Dinny and the band recorded the basic tracks (drums, bass guitar and keyboards) for 12 songs. At the helm, engineering and producing, was Glen Muñoz - Dinny's old band-mate from KFM.

Since the conception of these songs in June 2013, challenges around time, distance and schedules necessitated a long gestation period that saw Dinny slowly but steadily shaping and molding these basic tracks into "radio ready" music.

Dinny is excited to announce that the first batch of songs from the original June 2013 litter have been birthed - happy and healthy and ready to meet the world!