Dinny Keg

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Upon arriving in the US in 1988, Dinny was pleased to find that his fellow-musicians in the NYC music scene were drawn to his raw talent. By the early 90’s, he settled in as the front-man, lead-singer and co-songwriter of The Racket. The band played hard-rocking shows during the smoldering-hot NYC music scene of the 90's at legendary venues including The Limelight, China Club, CBGB’s and The Bitter End.

Over time, band members changed and The Racket went through a few iterations and name changes - before Dinny teamed up with musicians, singers & songwriters Glen Muñoz and Peter Farrell in 2000 to form Keague•Farrell•Muñoz. KFM released their first full-length album ("Coming Clean") later that year - as well as three subsequent EP's. . .culminating with "Percolated" (2004).

While writing, recording & performing with KFM, Dinny formed a close musical bond with other artists on the scene - ultimately forming The Dinny Keg Band in 2006. The band consists of several of Dinny's closest friends - Tom McPhillips, Paul O’Hara and John O’Hara. Tom, Paul, John & Dinny not only share a strong kinship but also a love of music and family. Starting in 2008 - and to this day - The Dinny Keg Band plays at venues throughout Long Island, NY.

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